Jake Amen finds mule deer shed

Born out of a passion for adventure and an appreciation of nature

"This is how we do it way out west! Don't want to be working at a desk..." 

As a graphic designer and website builder, I have spent an unproportionate amount of my life clicking and dragging. When it comes time to blow off some steam, shed hunting and fly fishing bring me back to an even keel. 

I've always wanted to weld my career to my favorite hobbies. Almost a decade ago I came up with the phrase "lines and tines," and have since built a hobby brand out of it. My best friend, Wes Hansen of Designs208 created the artwork and decorated the products that are available in our web store, right here in the USA. Finally, after years of ebbs and flows, I can share my passion with others. 

My family deeply appreciates your interest and your purchases - they will go towards bringing you new and exciting merchandise. 

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