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Amazing Muley

This beautiful brown freshie is my favorite. My friend found the match to it during hunting season.

There Goes The Snow

With a few warm days and a pretty ferocious, yet warm wind today, there was barley enough snow to make it out on the snowmobile after an 8 hour scour. I think the sled needs parked for the season, which is great. No snow means no more walking over antlers, but it also means re-walking areas that have already been beat to death and buried by a late winter blizzard. As for the "Horns," it was a great day for quantity, but not size for me and quality and quantity for my hiking buddy Frank. We visited a favorite spot of ours and really worked it over.

A nice haul for the day

A great day hiking the snow lines and beyond on the canyon. There were several surprises starting with a find right off the bat before the sled was even parked, followed by a decent 4 point find only several minutes later. After a few miles the large 4 pointer found it's way into my hands then in the last 15 minutes of the hike success came my way once again. It's rare for me to pick up that much fresh quality in one session.