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Rumors of Elk Sheds Abound

It has been a miserable week weather-wise, with rain almost non stop daily. Even without the rain, getting to my favorite hunting grounds is difficult at best because of the giant lakes and sloppy mud formed from the melting snow. But being the die hard that I am (at least in my mind), Frank and I decided to chance a break in the rain and head to a stream that is home to a small heard of elk. 

Set em up!

Super Bowl Snag

Instead of drinking beer, stuffing my face with greasy snack food and cheering for a team (not that those activities don't sound fun) I decided to wade through 3 feet of snow. I found these buried in a feeding area. I wanted the match to the big one so bad that I looked all spring, but no success. Then this year I returned to do some scouting prior to dropping time and found it's match plus another large set sitting in the same place. It must have been frozen under the grasses making it impossible to find.

Year Old Elk Shed

This 5 was found leaning up against a tree! Besides a chew or two it was in great condition.

Giant in the Snow

This antler was so big it blew my mind

Meaty White Tail

Found in January 2009

Sweet Little Guy

Not the biggest antler in the world, but beautifully brown and fresh. The match was found an hour later, but it took a while to realize that I'd matched up.

Nice 4 point

Nearly perfect, but looks like a mouse may have took a chunk out of it.

White Tail Set

First Shed of the Year 2009

This antler may have dropped minutes before being found. The blood on the button is fresh.