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Anyone else out there addicted? I know I'm not the only one so I created this site to post my stories and brag about my catches and let you brag about yours. Sign up for free and post your bragging rights. 


3 for

There was a third one with these two but my son tripped on the first one and kicked the third one out of the pile.  That's twice that he has found three together.

Rumors of Elk Sheds Abound

It has been a miserable week weather-wise, with rain almost non stop daily. Even without the rain, getting to my favorite hunting grounds is difficult at best because of the giant lakes and sloppy mud formed from the melting snow. But being the die hard that I am (at least in my mind), Frank and I decided to chance a break in the rain and head to a stream that is home to a small heard of elk. 

Narly Dead Head

Another Set

Cleaned House

White Tail Set



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