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Anyone else out there addicted? I know I'm not the only one so I created this site to post my stories and brag about my catches and let you brag about yours. Sign up for free and post your bragging rights. 



Muley Toad Shed!

Snow Show

Finally getting a chance to find some of the Whitetail horns the snow hid. I caught this buck packin on video earlier in the winter. Check back for some killer video that I'll post as soon as I get some time to do some editing.

Holy Elk Sheds Batman

From a friend in Wyoming. Crazy quality sheds off of 4 nice bulls.

Found- white tail deer antler

not too big - but cool none the less.

Non-Typical Find

This big, bad non-typical has me in a fit trying to score the match.


Wicked Curl

Tailgate Party


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