First Fresh 2012 Elk Shed


There is nothing quite like a day full of finding sheds - even if your buddy is the one finding them all. It seems like sometimes you pick the right line to walk and sometimes you don't. What's even better than picking up a bunch of deer sheds is also stumbling on a couple elk sheds out of the blue! We found a year old scorable elk horn right off the bat. Then after about 8 Muley horns and a frustrated individual, I found a fresh elk shed, not as big as the first, but all in all a real nice 5 pointer. Shouldn't have been too frustrated because I did find a nice muley shed and a beautiful broke off button. The total finds for the day were impressive and really boosts the spirits.

Looking forward to the Jackson Hole elk shed hunt in a couple of weeks - I'll share a bit more about it as it gets closer. Also starting to get the fishing bug so look for some reports and stories about hitting the rivers soon...

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